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1. University Placement

Many students take up any educational programme available to them without knowing the career path involved in the courses they pursue. Let us help you to choose the right qualification that is suitable for you. Complete the registration process by clicking on the registration button below and we will contact you.

2. Access to Bursary Information

Once you have registered and created your account on U-App, you are able to access 100+ bursaries suitable for studies at both private and public tertiary institutions.

3. Assessments

Participants on U-App take part in the following assessments;

  • Maree Career Matrix (MCM) -This is an African developed psychological assessment that measures an individual’s career interests and self-estimates of confidence about aptitude to follow certain careers.
  • Prospect Screener – The Prospect Screener allows organisations to process a large number of job applicants in a short space of time, allowing for the screening out of candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.
  • Verbatim and Numeratum Assessment - The Verbatim and Numeratum assessments help professionals to ascertain a participant’s level of verbal and numerical reasoning ability, which are key aspects in the screening, recruitment and selection settings.

4. Live online interaction with a Psychometrist

From the moment you book your career assessment, a dedicated psychometrist is assigned to you and offers you email interactions, a one-on-one online video call feedback session & a personalized and detailed career assessment report for your record-keeping.

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